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IPhone XS Vs IPhone XS Max : Specifications Comparison

iPhone XS Vs iPhone XS Max : Specifications Comparison

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 Features comparison between the new iPhone XS Vs iPhone XS Max

Finally, the long waiting period for the new upgrade of iPhone is now over. At the unveiling of this fantastic product, well, many may find it difficult to pronounce, anyway, the new device from iPhone which was unveiled at its annual September event is called iPhone XS Vs iPhone XS Max (amazingly, it is pronounced iPhone “Ten-ess” and not iPhone “Ex-ess.”

iPhone XS Max

I will be taking you through the world of the new model, which is an upgrade on last year’s iPhone X, we will discuss its feature comparison and specifications comparison.

After an intense week of severe rumors, the new versions of the iPhone was finally released on Wednesday by Apple. The model is the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. These phones are released as a set of updates on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X which were released last year.

iPhone XS Vs iPhone XS Max  hardware

If you are familiar with last year’s iPhone X, the iPhone XS offers a similar design to iPhone X. It has a 5.8-inch, 2436 × 1125 resolution OLED display screen (which is identical to iPhone X) housed by a stainless-steel side.

While the design of the iPhone XS Max can be called a kind of “Plus-size” of the iPhone XS model. It’s equated to its larger version because of its supersized 6.5-inch, 2688 × 1242 resolution OLED screen display.

iPhone Xs

It is well presented in a similar way to other Apple’s previous Plus devices which usually have a 5.5-inch screen.

Waohh! Can you see the iPhone XS Max offers something bigger? Anyway, both devices offer a pixel density of 458 PPI. Therefore, for the diehard phablet freaks, you won’t want to miss this.

Take that exemplary image with your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max

With the value of picture density and the OLED resolution display, you will be getting the sharpest, brightest and a fantastic image display on your screen.

Over the years that Apple has been producing a smartphone, the XS and Xs Max are the best concerning image resolution and display. Interestingly, Apple makes a note that the glass encapsulating the device is an improvement on the last year’s iPhone X model.

Hey, if you have a tender heart for giant smartphone screens that is unmatched in qualities, then look no further than the Apple’s iPhone XS and Xs Max models.

Any need to go about with a digital camera, when you already have iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?

For photograph freaks like me, well one of the reasons I keep up with the production of iPhone devices is the advantages it offers when it comes to image capture.

This is a unique attribute of the iPhone XS Vs iPhone XS Max ; Both phones are implanted with the company’s fastest A12 Bionic processor, it’s a chip that helps with the on board processing of various tasks that makes use of intelligence-powered software or other machine learning software.

iPhone Xs

A unique sample of this intelligent feature is the Smart HR, with different camera exposure settings, different samples of photos will be captured, image enhancement and various image tweaks will be done on the photograph, this is something similar to the function Google included in its Pixel phones.

Both devices also support the ability to adjust the aperture of a photograph and the depth of field after the process of image capturing.

This is similar to the function of the camera maker called Luton. This function is usually enabled through the use of a system called “light-field” image capturing.

Comparing the prominent features of the iPhone XS Vs iPhone XS Max  (sound, resistance)

There are a few additions to the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max including the dual-SIM support, a storage capacity starting from 64GB of storage with an available option of 512GB storage capacity.

Both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are designed with an improved water resistant compared to last year’s iPhone X. It is designed with the IP68 rated water splash and dust resistant.

iPhone xs max

This is a step ahead of the iPhone X, which has an IP68 resistance rating which implies that if you accidentally disperse your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max in water which is as deep as six to seven feet for as long as 30 minutes.

That’s twice the depth that the IP67 ratings can endure. Therefore, if you are the type that drops your phone into water areas effectively swimming pool instead of just a little water spillage from the bathtub, the iPhone XS offers you a better assurance, you won’t always be needing to replace your phone.


The iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS come in a gold, grey and silver color. Apple settled for more of a straw-colored Gold than the previous gold of the iPhone X’s model.


Just like the iPhone X, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max both have a dual rear camera.


As anticipated, the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max practically ditch the home button which was a unique feature of the iPhone X Edge to edge display; it is designed with a Face ID (facial recognition) to replace the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.


Last year, after the release of the iPhone X, that was the first time Apple company will set its worth in the region of a thousand dollar, at $999 which is $1 short of the four digits after tax or acquiring the device within the range of $1100 – $1250 if you decide to get the one with more storage.

The iPhone XS starts with a price range of $999, £999, AU$1,629 before tax for a 64GB model while the iPhone XS Max cost a whopping $1,099, £1,099 and AU$1799 for a 64GB model and goes all the way up to $1449 If you are acquiring a 512 model.

That’s the highest price for iPhone that Apple has ever made. This whopping price pushes the XS Max beyond the possibility of an average smartphone buyer.

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